Zertifiziert nach Managementsystem DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Test method Procedure Application sectors Results
ASTM E 2149
Antimicrobial Activity of Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents
Constant agitation of
biocide-treated materials in concentrated bacterial suspension over a defined contact time (normally 24 h)
Standard test method for determination of antimicrobial effect under dynamic conditions; for non-leaching products Quantitative results, Reduction in microbe population (%)
Suspension test (as per JISL 1902:1998;JISL 1902:2002) Defined bacterial suspensions are applied to the test material and non-biocidal control material; materials are evaluated after specific time period in incubator Solid, not highly diffusive materials ("Test for Antibacterial Activity of Textile Products") Quantitative results; reduction of bacterial population vs. control. Target = 99.9 % reduction
Film contact method (as per JIS Z 2801:2000) As in suspension test, but with film covering over applied suspension Rigid plastics, films, coatings, particularly for foods and pharmaceutical industries Quantitative results; reduction of bacteria population vs. control. Target = 99.9 % reduction